PDIA Arts and Humanities Initiative

Today, as in every era, many scholars in the humanities, writers, fine artists, and performing artists are giving form-- through language and image--to the experiences surrounding death, dying, and bereavement. The Project on Death in America (PDIA) encouraged individuals from the humanities, the fine arts, and the performing arts to use their creative skills--to deepen our understanding of the diverse metaphors that shape the experiences of suffering, dying, and bereavement.
(Open Society Institute, PDIA Initiatives)

Visions and Voices
The goal of “Visions and Voices, “End of Life Care: Visions and Voices from the Arts and Humanities,” is to increase the visibility, accessibility, and applicability of the arts and humanities projects supported by PDIA’s grant initiative, and make them known to the medical, palliative, and healthcare communities, and to the public.

Preview Movie (excerpt from AAHPM Conference / ArtSpace )
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